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Our Promise

Our Legacy

Every day, all of us at OYA have one key mission—to support you in your growth and artistic accomplishments as hair professionals.

We're sure that you may be questioning the exclusive, professional commitment of certain haircolor brands. You may question their investment in haircolor artists and haircolor business leaders.

We want to assure you that regardless of the decisions other companies make, we at OYA will never waver in our commitment to you, the hair professional. We urge you to reclaim your professional destiny; to take back your profession and partner with a company that respects and supports your work and your artistry.

That our commitment to the professional will never change. Never shift to mass market or at-home hair color. Ever.

To focus wholly and solely on you, the professional hair designer, who cares for clients strictly in a professional salon environment.

That the answer will always be, “Yes that’s possible!” Never, “No, it isn’t.”

Superior quality, relentless support, rapid responsiveness.

To restore your faith in the integrity of our profession.

That change is possible – it is closer than you think!